Our Story

    The origin of Keitha is a fascinating story of how a person, struggling against the natural order, finds solace and the answers to her questions within the same nature. In 2016, I was accursed with chronic skin problems and had to toil through an unpleasant case of the receding hairline. Visits to several dermatologists did not help curb the situation.

    After an ample amount of time had passed and with no visible results in sight, I sought the wisdom of my grandmother at last. The traditional roots and old stage practices helped me deal with the problems and it is safe to say that I shall be forever grateful for confiding in them. While exploring nature for myself so as to heal, I felt a sense of comfort and satisfaction in the world of natural herbs. I was finally free from the afflictions I had carried with me for so long. My hair grew back eventually and so did my confidence. Our bodies are our forever homes and to take care of our homes is our responsibility. Mother Nature blessed me with her secrets for healthy, happy, nourished skin and hair. So here’s to sharing those secrets with people who need them the most.

    What we Offer ?

    We, at Keitha, aspire to offer the goodness of nature while resorting to methods that are environmentally feasible. We wish to create a family that takes care of their bodies as their homes and feels delighted in their beauty.


    Our brand Keitha promotes skin and hair health by adopting concepts that are ecologically sound.

    Nature's Goodness

    The products offered by keitha are derived from the purest sources and therefore filled with the goodness of nature.

    Enriching Range

    Our products get you closer to your raw, beautiful skin and help you feel great about it.

    Founder’s Artistic Vision

    When an artist takes to visualize the beauty of the world, she manifests it through her brushes and canvas. Such is the beauty of nature displayed on product labels designed by the founder herself.